Room Reservation System (Bannapanya)
ระบบจองห้อง WU App

Room Reservation System (Bannapanya)

Booking process

  1. Open WU App. via Smartphone/iPad
  2. Select the main menu –> Service
  3. Select a sub-menu –> Borrowing/Stock.
  4. Select –> The Center for Library resources and Education media Reservation System
  5. Select the room you want to reserve.
  6. Set the date and time you want to reserve and press “Submit”.
  7. Verify and select –> Confirm.
  8. The system will display your borrowing/reserving history — (completed reservation).

Terms of Service

  1. This service is for Walailak University students only.
  2. Group service of 4 – 8 users
  3. Service for group work, lesson review and teaching promotion activities
  4. You can reserve a room through the WU App. system and can use it for no more than 2 hours/time.
  5. Able to reserve a room 24 hours in advance
  6. The user must check the cleanliness of the room before and after use if the property is damaged or lost. The last user is responsible.
  7. Contact to collect the room key by submitting a photo identification and present to the staff at least 4 people at the same time at the 1st floor. Counter
  8. When it’s time to book If not present to receive the key will cancel the reservation right away
  9. Service on the day and time that the library is open