Media Services
Media Services บริการผลิตสื่อวีดิทัศน์เพื่อการเรียนการสอน

Educational Media Services for Teaching and Learning Approaches

     Educational media services focus on visual aids proving photography services and video productions including serving high-quality pictures to the university’s organizations in order to support learning approaches, manuals for media productions towards producing media published by personnel within the campus.

Servicing menu classified by productions of works.

Video Productions

  1. Create videos and media sources for learning materials.
  2. Create videos for online courses.
  3. Create videos facilitating academic and research.

High-Quality Picture Productions

  1. Take pictures for learning approaches.
  2. Take pictures for special events at the university.
  3. Taking high-quality pictures of persons or works in the studio.
  4. Assemble files of high-quality pictures used in other sources.

High-Quality Picture Productions

  1. Advise educational media productions
  2. Arrange training courses

Productions **

  1. Pictures
  2. Videos/Motions



* Video Production is meant for the whole process to create videos starting from writing scripts, photographing/recording, and editing. As a result, the services could be identified against the user requirements.

** Menu of picture and video productions will be linked to the source demonstrating all publishable works upon the permissions of the owners; for instance, pictures will be posted on Facebook these days while the original clips or high-quality videos will be released via YouTube because of the particular requirements. Otherwise, the videos are unpublishable according to personal privacy. The submission of works is belonging to each time agreement.

        Educational media production services are covered the whole process of video production whether writing scripts, photographing, recording, or editing until the work is done. The services could be alternatively selected such as videos for study lessons on ThaiMOOC, WU MOOC, online courses for each school as well as video tutorials on how to use devices. The content of videos could probably be study lessons. Also, it could be particularly selected upon the interests for any optional topics as well. In addition, the services also deliberately produce media enhancing academic works including research; for example, creating ‘Walailak to Society’ program, offering a special lecture, and taking high-quality photos for each occasion either in or out of the studio to be using in other media throughout keeping records in the archives of Walailak University.

Media Services บริการผลิตสื่อวีดิทัศน์เพื่อการเรียนการสอน


  1. Produce videos for learning/teaching approaches (Writing scripts/recording/editing).
  2. Produce videos of study lessons for online courses.
  3. Produce videos enhancing academic works including research.
  4. Take pictures for learning/teaching approaches.
  5. Take pictures for special events at the university.
  6. Take high-quality pictures of persons or works in the studio.
  7. Take high-quality pictures for each occasion to be using in other media.
  8. Provide knowledge or giving advice regarding educational media production; for example, arranging training courses for editing methods, the use of devices, photographing towards how to write the scripts, etc.

CLM eduMedia Production services formats


Formations of Educational Media Production Services