Media Services
Media Services บริการออกแบบกราฟิกและนิทรรศการ

Graphic Design and Exhibition

        Graphic Design and Exhibition service in several types of designing tasks to creatively enhance learning and teaching materials. For example, the services create cartoons and illustrations for online lessons on WU MOOC, design infographics for academic sources, and design posters for presentation for each occasion. The services also develop websites through various forms of graphic designs to meet the need of all the users.

Media Services บริการออกแบบกราฟิกและนิทรรศการ


  1. Design infographics for study lessons.
  2. Design printed materials.
  3. Design vinyl banners.
  4. Design media for learning or teaching materials.
  5. Design sources for public relations.
  6. Design media for online courses on WU MOOC.
  7. Design sources as required for users.
  8. Facilitate roll up for users.
  9. Provide suggestions regarding computer programs for graphic design.

consult the team for Roll up usage


Formations of Graphic Design and Exhibition