Researching and Reporting Support Services
Services Support แนะนำการสืบค้นหนังสือ (OPAC)

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

        OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)  is an equipment that enables searching for the library’s collection of books and other materials by searching for words such as book titles, author’s names, and keywords, etc. The system will provide a bibliography-style list of information resources, and also inform you whether the information resource is “borrowed” or “available”, including storage locations. The service users can search for books on their own, and also check the list of borrowed books and borrow them through the OPAC system.

Book search —

Book search —

Points to note, when you need books in library.

  1. Check the status of book (Available: on shelf, or Due date: have a borrower).
  2. Book classifications are separated by book contents and A-Z alphabet.
  1. The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media classifies books as follows:
    • Humanities and Social science (category A-P), 2nd floor
    • Health science (category QS-WZ, R), 2nd floor
    • Science and technology (category Q-Z), 3rd floor
    • Current issue of new journal, 1st floor
    • Back issue of journal, 1st and 3rd floors

Note: Thai and English books with the same content and category will be classified together.


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