Media Services
Media Services บริการผลิตสื่อวีดิทัศน์เพื่อการเรียนการสอน

Audiovisual Equipment Services

     Audiovisual Equipment Services facilitate and control media equipment used in classrooms following the conceptual Smart Classroom towards providing facilitation for academic conferences or activity arrangements including advising various departments within the university to design an audiovisual system. In addition, it also supports the arrangements of student activities.

Media Services บริการสนับสนุนโสตทัศนูปกรณ์


  1. Provide audiovisual equipment for education and other activities.
  2. Maintain audiovisual equipment.
  3. Control audiovisual equipment used for educational purposes of each faculty and also academic conference.
  4. Arranging audiovisual education for faculties, departments, instructors, personnel, students towards people involved in the university.
  5. Organize and control the use of various types of audiovisual equipment in teaching, learning, meeting, seminars, or training sessions, as well as inspection, repair, and maintenance.
  6. Design and advise the location to set audiovisual equipment in the organizational departments.
  7. Give advice and facilitate tools used for recording self-teaching –– Swivl.
  8. Give advice and facilitate tools used for creating tests –– Clickerr
  9. Support and offer guidelines on the use of equipment in Smart Classroom
  10. Organize workshops for the use of audiovisual equipment in Smart Classroom.

Formations of Audiovisual Equipment Services