WU Library
WU Library

    The operation of the Center for Library Resources and Educational Media (CLM) was first started in 1996 at the Walailak University Coordination Center, SM Tower, Bangkok. Later in 1998, it was moved to the Library and Educational Materials building, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, which has since been open for full service. The management is divided into four departments as follows:

  1. General Administration and Administration
  2. Information Resources Development Department
  3. Department of Promotion of Learning and Educational Services
  4. Teaching Support and Educational Materials

        Under the University’s strategic planning process, CLM has analyzed the strategic inputs by applying the policies of Walailak University set in the University’s strategic plan. Only measures related to the missions of CLM, the strategic issues and objectives of the University were analyzed. The objectives of CLM have been set as guidelines for operations in seven issues as follows:

  1. To serve as a “Living library”, which is full of information resources and educational materials to support active learning.
  2. To develop CLM to be a “Learning Space” that has an atmosphere to support learning in the 21st century and to provide an atmosphere that promotes learning, conducive to study, research and lifelong learning.
  3. To develop a holistic service system with comprehensive, quality “One-Stop Services”.
  4. To develop personnel to be able to respond efficiently to the mission of the University.
  5. To support and encourage instructors and students with the ability to access the initiatives, databases and information technology, which are accessible for learning as well as researching methods, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  6. To develop and improve the physical and administrative processes in order to be a safe learning space for students, teachers and staff.
  7. To collaborate with each school of the University to readily arrange “Smart Classroom” and also promote “Online Courses” for lifelong learning.