CLM Educational Technologists Giving Special Lecture on Video Production for Learning
2 นักเทคโนโลยีการศึกษาเป็นวิทยากรพิเศษในรายวิชาการผลิตสื่อวีดิทัศน์เพื่อการเรียนรู้

        In February 2023, two educational technologists, Mr. Kraisorn Saiwaree and Mr. Nurun Jampaklay from Department of Teaching and Learning Support, The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media, Walailak University, was invited to give a special lecture and arrange workshops for students in Digital Content and Media course, Information Management program, School of Informatics, Walailak University.

        This workshop is arranged as part of DCM 63-238 Course featuring Video Production for Learning which is offered to 2nd year students studying in Digital Content and Media program to develop skills in video production and editing. The training was divided into 3 groups, totaling 3 times, organized on Thursday 9th, Thursday 16th and Thursday 23rd, February at the Digital Content and Media Laboratory, Academic Building 6, Walailak University. The activity was joined by a total of 34 students.

        In the workshop, participants learned the basics of videography, preparation of audio and video equipment as well as the field work for hands-on experience. The scope also expands to the editing process which is the step following video shooting. The knowledge is based on hands-on practices and experiences of the speakers.

      The two educational technologists invited as speakers are an Educational Technologist responsible for producing educational media for teaching and learning Support for Teaching and Learning Media Center for The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media, Walailak University. The speakers is specifically equipped with experiences in producing educational videos, the production of online video lessons in Thai MOOC WU MOOC for faculty members of Walailak University.

        Photo by the Digital Content and Media Program, School of Informatics, Walailak University)