Movie Criticizing at Mini Theatre by The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media

        In every semester, The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media has coordinated with various subject advisors in organizing activities to promote learning under the concept of Active Learning. The activities include lectures, forums and seminars, including organizing film screenings. All is for students to self-direct their learning using resources within the center.

        Movies are considered a medium for learning foreign languages and it can be classified as an information resource for teaching and learning. Movie viewing, in addition to entertainment, also brings knowledge to viewers through criticizing the content and exchanging of perspectives. It helps develop creative communication skills and when it is a foreign movie, it enables the audience to learn language, vocabulary and develop English skills such as listening, speaking and translation skills. Students also learn culture, society and life of foreigners through watching movies in addition to learning in the classroom and spending their free time wisely.

        The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media Center provides film screening services, to supports teaching in various courses. Therefore, it has coordinated with the professors of the School of Architecture and Design to organize “Film Criticism for Language Learning and Development of Language Potential in Western Culture” on Monday, 27 March, 2023, from 4:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at the Mini Theater Room, 1st floor. The event features showing of western movie and having

        the audience join in discussing them and summarize the issues from a personal point of view. It is the analysis and evaluation of the value of movies which is different from movie reviews common on social media accounts. The event receives a large interest from over 100 participants.