The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media organizing Buddha Image Bathing Ceremony to celebrate Songkran

        In 2023, Songkran Days fall on the period from 13 April to 16 April, 2023, considered the Thai New Year. The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media organizes a Buddha Image Bathing Ceremony as part of Songkran Festival to give blessing to library visitors and properly mark a departure from an old year.

        The Buddha image, the center of the ceremony, was placed at the hallway on the 1st floor of The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media for visitors to perform a bathing ceremony. Visitors could also partake in online blessing via QR Code scanning and receive a souvenir which is a set of chalk powder. The activity will be held from Monday, April 3 to Friday, April 28, 2023.

        In addition, the idea of bathing Buddha images on Songkran Day is to bring Buddha images home for cleaning and prepare for a bathing ceremony for blessing of a home and family members. When the Center brings out the Buddha image from the special collection exhibition room in the building from the ceremony, it is deemed as giving blessing to the office, personnel and visitors who use the center’s services.

        Department of Learning Promotion and Educational Services is in charge of organizing activities to continue Thai traditions and create an atmosphere of Living Library through promotion of learning and engaging users in the center development. Arranging activities for users to access Thai culture and traditions from various learning sources through real practice has long been emphasized at the center. This is practiced in conjunction with regular services in providing information resources and recommending the library’s services to promote learning and teaching. There are learning resources for self-study and research. As a result, users develop a reader’s habit.