The Writers Meet Readers Forum
“Readers Becoming Content Creator”

        On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM, Department of Learning Promotion, The Center for Library Resources and Educational media, Walailak University under collaboration with School of Liberal Arts, Thai major, organized a seminar “Readers becoming Content Creators” on the 2nd floor, the Center for Library Resources and Educational Media, Walailak University.

        On this occasion, Ms. Chananya Techajaksema or View, a writer and content creator, owner of the “Point of View” YouTube channel and the owner of Thai Digest literature was invited as a speaker to give an inspirational talk to 98 students, staff, and youths participating in this activity.

        This activity was promoted by the Department of Learning Promotion received cooperation from the School of Liberal Arts, Thai language program, led by Lecturer Theerawat Klaokliang who coordinated the activities by students from the School of Liberal Arts, Thai Language Program.

        The Writers Meet Readers Forum is an annual activity held for the purpose of helping students, faculty and those interested gain insights from owners of the works by engaging in a direct talk with aspired writers and creators of popular works. Then, readers will be able to enhance their potentials through activities that extends beyond classroom and create a living library atmosphere.

        According to the exchange of ideas between students and speakers, many students passed exams in Socials and History because of the content in Thai Digest. The speakers have simplified academic information into a digestible version so that it becomes more intelligible to readers. Ms. Chananya gave an advice to those aspiring to be a content creator that it goes hands in hands with being a media addict and data generator.

        “You cannot be a good writer without being a passionate reader,” said Ms. Chananya.