The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media carry The Pigeons and Rats Trapping Project

        Occupational safety management and health team of CLM. Working conduct audits, follow-up and risk assessments inside the building to create livability and satisfaction for staff and visitor. Team working continuously since 2021

        Rats and Pigeons living inside the building damage to books and office equipment. It is a disease carrier of pathogens to humans such as Bird parasitic disease, Feather mites, and Hepatitis B virus. Meningitis, Lung fungi, Leptospirosis

        The pigeons trapping project has been carried out previously.ฺ By bring caught pigeons to mark yellow ring into the leg to check the pigeons return back or not. Released the pigeons back to nature at Khao Luang National Park (Hong Cave, Krung Ching Subdistrict) On July 28, 2021. Then from observation pigeons living in CLM building, no birds wearing the yellow ring symbol. It was concluded that birds did not fly back and can reduce the number of pigeons.

        However, pigeons and rats can reproduce rapidly, on May 18, 2022, team resumed The Pigeons and Rats Trapping Project to reduce the number of pigeons and rats that may have an impact on health and sanitation of staff and visitor.  In implementing this project trapping pigeons using nets, trapping rats using automatic trap, use bait to lure them into the trap. That project able to reduce the number of birds and rats that are disease-carrying animals.