Panorama and Studio Classroom Lecture Building 6 (ST Building) has been completed and ready to use

        The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media carry out classroom design Panorama and Studio for regular and online teaching at the Lecture Building 6, The classrooms has been completed and ready to use, both of these rooms have the features following

  1. ST 201 is Panorama classroom for online teaching it different from other. The classrooms have 2 projectors can create a consecutive screen with a resolution of 3,240 × 1,080 pixel in image ratio of 21 : 9 to support 4 K picture system, Auto Narrator Tracking Camera. And the system to bring images to the projectors screen with Apple TV devices.
  2. ST 202 is Studio Classroom to broadcast online teaching and learning. There is an interactive image processing screen, able to display projectors screen up to Full HD (1,920×1,080 Pixel) size at 16 : 9 aspect ratio with support for 4 K picture systems. Touch screen system can use fingers and electronic pen to work. An Auto Narrator Tracking Camera. Online teaching equipment supports live broadcasting with a complete video recording. Video recording equipment includes: Ring light, can adjust the light level and can be equipped with a mobile phone in the kit, 2 Lighting lamp (Soft Box) respond for video recording and photography, Green Screen to support for background cutting technique, a system bring images to the screen with Apple TV devices

        For more details on how to use the classroom, please contact Mr. Mesa Sintobtong Tel. 73310 and The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media will open training course for user of classrooms in April 2022