Staff of The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media Invited to Speak at the Training for Video Filming Training for 2nd Year Students in Digital Content and Media Program, School of Informatics, Walailak University

        In October and November 2022, officers from the Center for Library Resources and Educational Media, Mr. Kraisorn Saiwaree, Head of Educational Media Production for Teaching and Learning, and Mr. Nurun Jampaklai, an educational technologist from Department of Support for Teaching and Learning Materials were invited to be speak in a workshop on the topic of “Video Media Production to Promote Learning” for 2nd year students majoring in digital content and media program, School of Information Science, Walailak University.

       This workshop is part of the course DCM63-236: Design and Development of Online Teaching and Learning for Digital Content and Media Courses, School of Informatics, Walailak University. Dr. Siriwatchana Kaeophanuek is an instructor and a course coordinator. The training was divided into 2 groups: Friday 28th, October and Friday 4th, November 2022 at the Digital Content and Media Laboratory, Academic Building 6, Walailak University.

       The training focuses on practical training in video production in the studio for the preparation of teaching and learning materials.  It is the knowledge gained from real work experiences from the two speakers in charge of producing video materials for online lessons, especially Thai MOOC and WU MOOC for faculty members of Walailak University. Participants gained both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences arising from the actual work. This is one method that will lead to learning that is truly beneficial.

(Thanks for the pictures from the Digital Content and Media Course, School of Informatics)