Production online courses “Work Psychology in Public Health” on Thai MOOC

        Division of Curriculum and Instructional Media, The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media (CLM) providing online course production services “Work Psychology in Public Health” on Thai MOOC for School of Public Health, Walailak University and expected to starting enroll in online course at the end of 2022

        Production of online course Division of Curriculum and Instructional Media organize production team from staff of CLM, Provide production service complete process of online course, Start from give advice, Prepare production planning, Adapt scripts for teaching materials, Filming, Graphic design and video editing, Validate video and upload to YouTube, Add subtitles, Recommended, Validate online course on Sandbox, Submitting validate of online course quality to TCU, coordinate to edit until start online course on Thai MOOC system

        “Work Psychology in Public Health” are free online courses of Walailak University (WUMOOC). It is classified in life skills and Self-Improvement Group, with code name “WU029 Work Psychology in Public Health” focus on learner to understand the importance of psychology with working in public health, Psychological skills, Attitude towards work, Job satisfaction, Motivation and empowerment at work, Relationship between health and behavior of people in the community, Community mental health problems, Learning the guidelines and working behaviors of public health officer. Stepping up being quality healthcare professionals. as well as can give health advice to people, from 4 experienced instructors : Mr. Onggan Ranteh,  Assistant Professor Doctor Nirachon Chutipattana,  Assistant Professor Paleeratana Wongrith, Dr. Wanvisa Saisanan Na Ayudhaya                    For online course on Thai MOOC system in Thailand Cyber University Project (TCU) of Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, to support Thai people to learning by themselves, free of charge and no limit by age or gender. There are education institute and organizations from all over the country participated in development. Interested persons can visit online courses on Thai MOOC at: