Online learning course “Introduction of Smart Classroom” is open

        The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media (CLM) open online learning course “Introduction of Smart Classroom” in WU eLearning system reserved for teachers and students of Walailak University. Access to learn at

Online lesson includes:

  • Introduction of Smart Classroom Concept
  • Digital environment and online learning
  • specific Characteristics and Capabilities of Walailak University’s Smart Classroom system
  • How to use devices and tools in Smart Classroom
  • How to record instruction
  • How to evaluation teaching

for user Smart Classroom can self-study and review how to use tools in Smart Classroom


3 Online Lessons Smart Classroom

  • Chapter 1 Introduction of Smart Classroom : teaching support system Concept, Significance, Describe feature of Smart Classroom type
  • Chapter 2 Using support system of Smart Classroom Basic of control and connect devices in Smart Classroom and how to connect external computers or mobile devices to Smart Classroom devices. How to use recording system of Smart Classroom
  • Chapter 3 Using Application to support Smart Classroom Using application to support Smart Classroom and use application to create video tutorials by yourself

Measurement and evaluate in online learning course

Assess learner knowledge before and after each chapter. Required learner to pass the quiz of after chapter 60 percentage criteria to enter the next chapter. After studying all 3 lessons required learner to pass the quize of processing knowledge 60 percentage criteria to receive certificate. Revieve certificates in the email message. For more information please contact to Miss Chatsan Chanrueangrit Tel. 73306.