The Library and Educational Media Center join with WU 5S Green Committee organized training course on Fire Prevention Guidelines, Fire Fighting and Fire Evacuation 2022 : onsite and online formats

        On Wednesday, July 6, 2022, Associate Professor Dr. Voravuth Somsak, Acting Vice President and Assistant Professor Dr. Pijag Summpunn, Chairman of the 5S Green WU Committee, academic department, Walailak University honored to open a workshop on “Fire Prevention Guidelines, Fire Fighting and Fire Evacuation” CLM Building Group, and CDT Building, at the 1st Floor, Rabiang Ban 1 meeting room, CLM. Organized by CLM Green Office Committee, Group 5 join with the WU 5S Green Committee, onsite and online formats of training. The main objective to be enhancing knowledge and understanding on Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Fire Evacuation to staff, student and visitor to prevent accidents and reduce losses from incidents

        For this workshop, Walailak University was honored by Faculty of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Nakhon Si Thammarat Municipality and Fire Department Personnel Walailak, Division of Service Central, Walailak University as a lecturer, Lecture and demonstrate tool use and practicing fire evacuation operations. Participants to practice fire evacuation in simulation event consisted CLM staff, CDT staff, WU staff, Student and visitor participate in evacuation drills