WU ThaiMOOC has student more than 60000 participants

        The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media with School of Walailak University And Thailand Cyber University (TCU) has collaborated to produce online course learning services WUMOOC for students and participants through information technology networks. Its purpose to expand learning opportunities for participants and promoting lifelong learning. Participants can study on the Internet network to Improve the quality of life and work. Walailak University Produce online course learning ThaiMOOC Total of 19 courses, The number of students and participants enrolled in course since November 2020 = 60,200 participants consisting of various courses:

  1. WU001 IT for the Present and Beyond
  2. WU002 Creative Thinking and Innovations
  3. WU003 Developmental Psychology in Elderly
  4. WU004 Developmental Psychology in Adolescent
  5. WU005 Pre Cooperative Education
  6. WU006 Thai Food for Health and Anti-Aging
  7. WU007 Online Tools for 21st Century Learning
  8. WU008 Internet of Things : from idea to product
  9. WU009 Knowledge Inquiry for development the 21st Century Skills
  10. WU010 Searching information for research report
  11. WU011 Criminal Law and Civil and Commercial Law for Healthcare Workers 
  12. WU012 Metadata for Organizing Digital Information
  13. WU013 Information Services for Digital Organization 
  14. WU014 Thai for Contemporary Communication
  15. WU017 Information Technology in Digital Era
  16. WU021 Introduction to Public Health
  17. WU022 Introduction to Environmental Health
  18. WU025 Cooperative Education and Working Skill Development in 21st Century
  19. WU028 Work Performance Enhancement with AI

        The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media provides online teaching materials production for teachers. More details please connect to Mr. Thoranid Harnchai, Tel. 73307