CLM organized a Workshop on basic photography skills.

        The Division of Education Support and Services of the Center of Library resources and Education media which plays an important role in organizing activities for learning and informal education just For developing students’ potential in every program every semester Since the opening of onsite teaching, the division has organized training activities, workshops on photography skills for students of the Bachelor of Business Administration program. Digital Marketing and Branding School of Management and interested persons Through online channels with the program Zoom cloud meeting 2 times by Mr. Navin Naovawong as a training speaker, including Basic photography skills workshop activity

        Course 1 Basic Photo skill on Wednesday 26th, January 2565 at 1.30-3.30 p.m. There are 90 participants

        Course  2 Smartphone Photo Editing with an Application “SnapSeed”

        Snapseed is a multifunctional image editor and is best suited for mobile image editors. The app can fix image defects and bring the quality to an acceptable level. Snapseed allows you to completely retouch your images.