Photography training To develop learning in the 21st century
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      Division of Education Support and Service The Center for Library resources and Educational media has realized the importance of transferring knowledge about photography. which will be beneficial to students’ learning and working Therefore, we cooperate with the digital content and media curriculum. Office of Information Science Organize a workshop on the topic of “Digital Photography Training” to develop learning in the 21st century” at the Library Room 1, Library and Educational Media Center The training content is divided into 2 courses as follows:

      Course 1 introduces different types of photography, including Landscape, Lifestyle, Street Photo, Documentary, Behind the Scenes of Photography.

       Course 2: Planning for photography and the importance of choosing different lenses. Determining the time period for working Coordination of various facilities Solving immediate problems Choosing the right lens range for the type of work

      The guest speaker is Mr. Navin Naowaphong, a technician. The Center for Library resources and Educational media , which has knowledge and expertise in photography The training period has been set to be divided into 2 days:

    • Batch 1, Monday 11 March 2024 time 10:00-12:00 hrs.
    • Batch 2, Monday, March 18, 2024, 1:00-3:00 p.m.

      At the end of the training, there was an exchange of views and experiences. This activity had 58 participants. Activity satisfaction scores were 4.85 or 97 percent. The training was completed according to the objectives. It received a lot of attention from students who participated in the activity. Students gain knowledge about photography. Using images more efficiently. Able to use the knowledge that has been transferred to take basic photos by yourself with equipment that is easily available. There are techniques for adjusting camera settings to suit the purpose of use. Can be used to further sell products