Reading Promotion Activity for Final Exams Preparation has closed

        The reading promotion activity for final exams preparation for semester 1/2023 has successfully closed. The event, called “Ant Lure Candy Activity”, organized by The Center for Library Resources and Education Media on 6-8 September 2023. In the 3-day event, a total of 725 students were participated. Snacks and drinks were also provided to help reading for a long time and with more concentration.

        The “Ant Lure Candy Activity” has been completed and all objectives have been achieved. The Center for Library Resources and Education Media would like to sincerely thank you, the administrators, lecturers, employees, and entrepreneurs, for your valuable contribution of budget support to the cost of sweet and savory meals and drinks. Including prepare snacks, fruits and drinks to participate in the 3-day event, in order to give encouragement and enhance the physical health of students who came to study at the library.

        The Educational Library and Media Center would like to deeply thank all of our sponsors. We really appreciate for your support and we look forward to receiving your kind cooperation again next time.

List of sponsors who contribute money to the activity, “Reading Promotion Activity for Final Exams Preparation of semester 1/2023 (Ant Lure Candy Activity)”

1. Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong
2. Assistant Professor Dr. Padungsak Suksa-Ard
3. Professor Dr. Wanna Choorit
4. Assistant Professor Piyachat Suongtee
5. Associate Professor Dr. Chuchard Punsawad
6. Dr. Premrudee Noonsang
7. Associate Professor Dr. Punsiri Dam-O
8. Miss Thanapa Chouykaew
9. Mrs. Benjaporn Somchit
10. Miss Thinaporn Suttiviriya
11. Mr. Thoranid Harnchai
12. Mrs. Thunya Poonsawat
13. Mrs. Kittiporn Sriphet
14. Mrs. Nittaya Thongpana
15. Mrs. Santat Sarak
16. Mrs. Chunnatta Sanohsot
17. Mr. Preecha Rusmee
18. Assistant Professor Jintana Unhavaithaya
19. Dr. Jidtima Sunkhamani
20. Café’ Terrace