CLM, Walailak University, Delivering Green Library under Chor-Sa-Ard Village Project (PEA) for the year 2023
ศูนย์บรรณสารและสื่อการศึกษาส่งมอบห้องสมุดสีเขียวตาม "โครงการหมู่บ้านช่อสะอาด (PEA) ประจำปี 2566

        On August 8, 2023, The Center for Library Resources and Educational media, Walailak University, participated in the delivery ceremony of Green Library under “Chor-Sa-Ard Village Project (PEA) for the year 2023”. The event was presided over by Mr. Chamanee Bunkeaw, Deputy Director of Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Region 2 (Nakhon Si Thammarat), and Mr. Thaninwit Hanyai, Acting Deputy Director of The Center for Library Resources and Educational media, Walailak University was also present for the handover along with the university team at Municipality School 1 (Ban Krabi-Noi), Krabi Province. This event aimed to educate students and the community in the area through activities like the “Little Savers” program, the “Dream Filling” campaign, as well as ethical and moral activities promoting integrity and a simple, sustainable way of life in line with Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. The event also included the establishment of a digital Green Library and the design of a visually appealing space to enhance learning for students and the community.

        The Green Library is operated by students of Municipality School 1, supervised by teachers. This initiative provides students with the opportunity to learn responsibility, digital library systems, management, and user services. The delivery of the library received significant attention and appreciation from the ceremony’s attendees, including the chairman.