Department of Learning Promotion and Educational Services Lecture and introduction to information and database services for ITD students
ฝ่ายส่งเสริมการเรียนรู้และให้บริการการศึกษา บรรยายและแนะนำการให้บริการสารสนเทศและฐานข้อมูลแก่นักศึกษา ITD

        On Wednesday, July 5, 2023, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, Ms. Kittiporn Sripet and Mr. Suwat Kerdmanee, Librarian for Learning Promotion and Educational Services welcomed 37 faculties and 2ndyear students of Information Technology and Digital Innovation Program School of Informatics to the Center for Library Resources and Educational media. The center also organized a lecture on providing information and database services related to students at the CLM Learning Media room, 1st floor. The lecture was given by Ms. Kanchana Haruhansaphong, lecturer of the Information Technology and Digital Innovation program bringing students to visit and to enhance knowledge and experience from quality learning sources in information technology within the university for the benefit of further study and actual work process of WALAI AutoLib.

        In this regard, the librarians gave a lecture and demonstrated the management of information resource databases. Members of The Center for Library Resources and Educational media can search the database with the WEB OPAC system on the Library and Educational Media Center’s website, renew, and reserving materials by themselves via online system. In the Entrance-Exit control section, members can scan a QR Code or Barcode from the WU App through the Flapgate and use the Virtual ID in the WU App to borrow-return and borrow books with the automatic loan machine (Self-check) as well.

        For the electronic database that supports the teaching and learning of faculty and students in Walailak University, there will be trainings on reference writing and preparing a bibliography throughout the semester 1/2023 for students to learn tools for study and research and to make the most of it in making reports and researching.

        The visit and study is believed to help the faculty and students to gain knowledge from real work sites and information from practitioners. This will allow students to apply the knowledge gained in teaching and studying further on their own in the future as well.