Loy Krathong moments captured 65
ลอยกระทง วลัยลักษณ์

        On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the Cultural and Sports Promotion Center, Walailak University, held an event to continue the Loy Krathong tradition for the year 2022 at Plearnta Plaza in front of the Thai Buri Building. The event is aimed to continue the heritage of Thailand through worshipping the Lord Buddha and expressing gratitude to water deity, Phra Mae Ganga.  It is also for creating a good relationship between the community and the university. The ceremony was honored by Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, Acting President. Walailak University presiding over the opening ceremony and joining the dance together with WU administrators, faculty, students, and personnel of Walailak University, both Thai and foreign joining the Loi Krathong to ask for forgiveness and blessings of Phra Mae Khong Kha at the pier specially built for this Loi Krathong festival.

        The atmosphere was filled with smiles and fun, with many students, personnel and people participating in the activities. The event exhibits activities which promote the preservation of Thai culture. There were students as well as locals joining in organizing a fair. There were also various games, food sales and Krathongs on stage. In addition to performances from the Dance Club and the WU Band, the highlight is the Noppamas Goddess Contest. which emphasizes the participation of students and staff The contest is divided into student and staff categories and the MissLadyboy contest with the result being as follows:

  1. Result of the Deity Noppamas contest (personnel)
  • First Prize – Ms. Rachadaporn Tantasit from the School of Liberal Arts
  • 1st runner-up – Ms. Satchakorn Chainarong from Student Support and Development Division
  • 2nd runner-up – Ms. Sunanta Ratanasupha from the School of Medicine and
  • Popular Award Miss Chulawan Wisapa from the School of Nursing
  1. Result of the Deity Noppamas contest (Student)
  • First Prize – Miss Karina Pivovarova from International College
  • 1st runner-up – Ms. Naricha Warang-art from the School of Political Science and Public Administration
  • 2nd runner-up – Ms. Angwara Srivisut from the School of Law and Public Administration
  • Popular Award – Ms. Pornthita Panayothakul from the School of Management.
  1. Miss Ladyboy Contest
  • First prize – Mr. Metaphon Mai-ngam from the School of Liberal Arts
  • 1st runner-up – Mr. Krittin Ungratanachai from the School of Allied Health Sciences
  • 2nd runner-up and Popular Award – Mr. Ekaluck Thongman School of Nursing

        Department of Production of educational media for teaching and learning, the Center of Library Resources and Educational Media has captured the atmosphere of the event. You can view the pictures at the Teaching Support page, the Bannasan Center, Walailak University, or follow the link divided into albums as follows.

– Photos of the atmosphere of the event and the opening ceremony https://bit.ly/3hwJhpx

– Picture of the goddess Nophamat contest (personnel) https://bit.ly/3NS9ydY

– Thep Noppamas Contest (Students) https://bit.ly/3WQLsEI

– Photo contest MissLadyboy https://bit.ly/3UnXVhb