The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media (CLM) organize activity “Kanom Luo Mod”

        The Center for Library Resources and Educational Media (CLM) organize activities encourage reading to prepare for final exams (Kanom Luo Mod activity). Started the activities first time since 2018, When CLM extended service hours until 24.00 hrs. during pre-examination and final examination. This year, the final exam of the semester 1/2565 between 15 August – 11 September 2022

        CLM would like to thank you for the management, faculty, staff and students has contributed budget to support “Kanom Luo Mod” activity for student. CLM prepared snacks and beverages for students between 5 – 10 September 2022, from 19.00 – 22.00 hrs. at the 1st floor Activity Hall and the 2nd floor Staircase Hall of CLM Building

CLM most grateful for your supporting activity “Kanom Luo Mod”

1.Assistant Professor Doctor Warit Jawjit 2.Assistant Professor Doctor Siwanath Nuntapichai 3.Assistant Professor Doctor Thimaporn Phetkaew 4. M.D. Pavarud Puangsri   5. Assistant Professor Jintana Unhavaithaya  6. Assistant Professor Doctor Chutima Jantarat 7. Assistant Professor Doctor Rasimate Maungchang 8. Assistant Professor Doctor Siriporn Somboonboorana 9. Assistant Professor Doctor Thotsapol Thomrongsuwannakij  10. Assistant Professor Doctor Padungsak Suksa-Ard  11. Assistant Professor Doctor Penchom Janwan 12. Associate Professor Doctor Sarawoot Palipoch 13. Professor Doctor Tawadchai Suppadit 14. Professor Doctor Surasit Vajirakachorn  15. Mrs. Jongsuk Kongsen 16. Miss Thanapa Chouykaew 17.Mr. Preecha Rusmee 18. Mrs. Ketsamaporn Tonbunyakij 19. Mrs. Kittiporn Sriphet  20. Mrs. Chunnatta Sanohsot 21. Miss Patcharin Pawikanon  22. Mrs. Thunya Poonsawat  23. Mrs. Benjaporn Somchit24. Miss Thinaporn Suttiviriya  25. Mrs. Amonrat Khawkum  26. Ran Phi Phung