Basic Public Health Course WU021 is open for
online learning in the ThaiMOOC system.

        School of Public Health by Faculty and Assistant Professor Dr. Piman Thiraratanasunthorn Head of the Department of Public Health, together with the Center for Library and Education Media has produced online lessons An open study ThaiMOOC in the course of Basic Public Health. (Introductions to Public Health) or the course code in ThaiMOOC is WU021. It is open to Walailak University students and people who are interested in the general public.

        In the course, the content introduces learners to health and public health. Health service history and health determinants, including principles and methods for promoting health disease prevention and control. Initial therapy and rehabilitation for individuals, families, communities, schools, and workplaces. as well as the concept and importance of community health and good quality of life.”

        Those interested can visit the lessons at the basic public health course. (Introductions to Public Health)

Note: Thank you for the content from School of Public Health.